Clearwater/Largo Attorney Helping Victims of Bike Accidents

Many people in our communities use bicycles as a primary mode of transportation. Some may have no other choice because they lack a driver's license or their driving privileges have been suspended for some reason. For others, using a bicycle to travel to work, school or shopping is a lifestyle choice.

Whatever the reason, bike riders must exercise caution when sharing the road with motor vehicles. This is especially true in our area of Florida because we have some of the highest numbers of fatal bicycle accidents in the state.

I am Largo bicycle accident lawyer William Schneikart. I have more than 35 years of experience representing injured people in Florida's Pinellas County. I am sensitive to the needs of clients and in cases involving bike accidents, I understand how this type of accident can impact a client's overall well-being and lifestyle.

I serve Pinellas County from offices in the Icot Center in Largo.

I Will Personally Handle Your Bike Injury Claim

Every bike accident case is different and presents its own challenges and opportunities for recovery. I represent injured individuals in a variety of situations, including:

  • Riders injured when a car pulls out of or into a driveway
  • Tourists injured while on vacation or visiting family or friends
  • Pedestrians or bike riders injured in accidents involving distracted drivers
  • Children injured while riding their bikes

When evaluating your injury claim, I will work with experienced professionals to provide detailed and critical information about the physical condition of your damaged bike. This analysis can produce evidence related to the approximate speed of the motor vehicle and other accident-specific information that can improve the value of your case.

If you have questions about Florida personal injury legal cases involving bicycle accidents, contact my Largo personal injury law firm or call my office at 888-702-0087. I am ready to answer your questions and help you obtain the resources you need to plan for your future.