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For more than 35 years, William Schneikart Personal Injury Lawyer has handled many cases involving serious brain injuries. These brain injuries range from catastrophic bleeding in the brain leading to coma to microscopic shearing of brain connections, resulting in subtle learning, memory or personality problems. I'm attorney William Schneikart and I help injured clients obtain help from medical professionals who can document these difficult cases to ensure that my clients receive maximum financial and physical recovery.

Did You Suffer a Brain Injury?
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Following an accident in which you hit your head or your head and neck suffer violent acceleration and deceleration, you may not even realize that you have suffered a brain injury.

Brian Injuries Can Be Difficult to Detect

If you were in a car or truck accident, you may not comprehend the extent of your injuries. In many cases, symptoms are so subtle that only a professional neurophysiologist can identify the injuries.

It is important that friends and loved ones be attentive to changes in behavior or cognition, as this may be the first sign that deeper damage has occurred. Prompt intervention and treatment are critical to a beneficial outcome. Significant healing occurs in the brain early on and then slows down to a low level by one year following the accident.

More Than 35 Years' Experience — Hundreds of Cases

As a former defense attorney for insurance companies, I know how to develop persuasive insurance claims. I have represented many accident victims who suffered traumatic brain injuries, concussion, coma and significant cognitive impairment. I work with accident investigators to uncover accident scene witnesses and evidence of fault.

Knowing Which Brain Injury Experts to Call

Feedback and guidance from an experienced lawyer can be invaluable in shepherding an injured person and his or her family through the recovery process and legal proceedings around the accident. I am always ready with answers and information about appropriate specialists. I consult medical experts to determine the type of injuries and the extent of damage caused by the accident. My knowledge of medical subspecialties and treatment options is important in managing your case.

Establishing a Life Care Plan

I have worked with families whose loved one will require ongoing medical and assistive care for the remainder of their lives. In such cases, we work with professional life care planners and economists to generate a detailed program that accounts for each and every medical treatment and assistive service the client will require for a dignified life, either as an outpatient living at home with an attendant or as an inpatient at a nursing home or care facility. I can explain the benefits of having a life care plan and how creating this type of plan can help maximize compensation obtained from the at-fault party.

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