A Clearwater/Largo Attorney Helping Burn Injury Victims

Some of the most tragic personal injury cases are those that involve burns. Burn injuries regularly claim the mobility, function, confidence and lives of people of all ages. An unfortunate fact in many burn injury cases is that they could have been prevented.

Representing Those With Life-Changing Burn Injuries
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With more than 35 years of experience, I have handled numerous burn injury cases, including those resulting in wrongful death. I offer a free consultation to discuss personal injury claims resulting from:

  • Dangerous properties
  • Cigarette fires
  • Upholstery fires
  • Defective products
  • Workplace accidents
  • Chemicals and explosions
  • Car accidents
  • Electrocution

Regardless of the cause, most serious burn injuries require extensive, long-term medical care, reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation. If you have suffered a serious burn injury, document it by taking photographs of the affected areas. These photographs and physician's reports can help insurance companies and courts determine the degree of the burn and the impact on the victim's life. It is also important to file a claim right away to preserve your legal rights and make sure you are within the statute of limitations under Florida law.

Determining the Degree of Burn Injury

Medical personnel consider numerous factors to determine the severity of a burn. If the burn is fairly superficial and will heal on its own with no scarring, it is often considered a first-degree burn. A second-degree burn injury causes blistering and may result in scarring. Third-degree burns destroy the skin and often the tendons and muscles. In nearly all cases, these burns will require reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation.

As the medical bills pile up, it can be tempting to accept an early settlement from the insurance company before you get legal advice. This is often not in clients' best interests, however, because, with time, the amount may prove to be insufficient to cover the total cost of treatment. It is often impossible to accurately estimate total costs for immediate and long-term treatment. Before accepting any insurance settlement, and, if possible, before making statements to the insurance company, speak with a personal injury lawyer first.

Obtaining Needed Compensation

If you have been seriously burned in an accident or have lost a loved one in a fatal fire, contact my Florida personal injury law firm. At William Schneikart Personal Injury Lawyer, I will personally meet with you in my office or at your home or hospital room for a free initial consultation. Should you choose me to represent you, I will personally handle your case and will pursue the compensation you need, not only for today, but also for future health needs.