Negligent Security

Clearwater/Largo Lawyer — Inadequate and Negligent Security

"Security negligence" is a legal theory that victims of certain criminal attacks can use to obtain compensation from the owner of the property where the attack occurred. The property owner or manager does not ensure the safety of people on the property, but under certain circumstances, reasonable precautions must be taken.

I am Largo lawyer William Schneikart. My law firm has handled many inadequate and negligent security cases in the more than 35 years that we have been serving clients. I strive to help my clients understand their rights regarding this type of case and how best to obtain compensation for injuries they have suffered.

I serve Pinellas County from offices in the Icot Center in Largo.

Clearwater/Largo Attorney — Rape, Assault and Battery

In many cases, commercial property owners cannot be held responsible for injuries caused by the criminal acts of other guests. There are exceptions to this general rule and in certain circumstances, a crime victim will have a claim against a commercial property owner.

In my practice, I have handled cases involving:

  • Physical altercations in nightclubs
  • Assaults in parking lots
  • Rapes and attacks in motels or apartments
  • Attacks in shopping malls

As an experienced attorney in this area, I know how to gather the information necessary for a negligent security claim. In certain situations, it is possible to establish the legal responsibility of a commercial enterprise or business owner who failed to take adequate measures to protect guests. During my investigation of your case, I will look at the number and type of similar criminal incidents in the area where the criminal act took place and determine whether those crimes put the owners on notice that they should increase security or take other appropriate measures.

If you were seriously injured during a crime at a mall, hotel, condominium, apartment or even at a bank ATM, contact my Clearwater personal injury law firm or call my office at 888-702-0087 to schedule a free initial consultation. I am dedicated to standing by our clients to ensure that their rights are protected.