Attorney in Clearwater/Largo Helping Victims of Pedestrian Accidents

When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, it is very likely that the pedestrian will suffer serious injury. Most pedestrians are careful about obeying the rules of the road, crossing at crosswalks, waiting for "walk" signals at stoplights and taking other safety measures. The same diligent behavior is not often found in motorists with whom they share the road. From distracted driving to a flippant attitude toward pedestrians, motorists act in many dangerous ways that can result in hitting a person with their car.

Were you injured while on foot? My name is William Schneikart, and I am a Clearwater personal injury attorney who has helped injured people for more than 35 years. I represent walkers, runners, joggers and other people on foot who have been hit by cars and injured. Talk to me in a free personal consultation — call 888-702-0087.

I serve Pinellas County from offices in the Icot Center in Largo.

Where Did Your Pedestrian Accident Occur?

I handle pedestrian accident claims arising from accidents that occur:

  • In parking lots
  • In parking ramps
  • On city streets
  • On residential streets
  • On sidewalks
  • At crosswalks
  • At nonintersection crossings
  • At intersections
  • In turning lanes

Whether due to a drunk driver, a driver who was texting while driving or any other type of negligent action, pedestrian accidents can result in serious and deadly injuries.

I personally handle each pedestrian accident case. While you focus on recovering as much as possible from your injuries, I can handle all interactions and negotiations with the insurance company. I can answer any questions that arise and provide you with the personalized, attentive advice that your injury requires.

Talk to a Lawyer About Your Rights and Options in a Pedestrian Accident Claim

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