Premises Liability

When you visit another person or business, you can usually assume that you will not be hurt on the property. If you find yourself facing a worst-case scenario and suddenly dealing with spinal Injuries because of dangerous conditions, however, you need an attorney who can help you recover.

I am Florida premises liability lawyer William Schneikart. My law firm has handled many premises liability cases in the more than 35 years we have been serving the residents of Pinellas County. I strive to help my clients understand their rights regarding this type of case and how best to obtain compensation for injuries they have suffered.

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Premises liability suits are personal injury claims following accidents that happened because of unreasonably dangerous conditions on another's property. The most common example is when a person slips and falls because of something that the property owner could have prevented. Unreasonably dangerous conditions may include:

  • Unmarked or misplaced parking bumpers
  • Stairways that do not meet building code
  • Slick substances on floors
  • Faulty elevators or escalators

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