Valuing an Injury Claim

"How much is my claim worth?" This is often one of the first questions I am asked when I meet with personal injury victims and their families. Answering the question accurately and honestly often means telling people that it is nearly impossible to give a specific number. However, there are important factors I can consider when valuing an injury claim.

Valuing Injury Claims for Accident Victims
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Evaluating a personal injury claim is very specific to each case and requires significant experience dealing with insurance companies as well as other attorneys. Further, a good personal injury lawyer must follow what juries commonly return for awards in similar cases. In valuing a case, I often provide a high to low range value of what the case might bring were it submitted to a jury.

The value of your case will be in a range based on the amount of insurance available, who is responsible for the accident, and the short- and long-term injuries you have suffered. The key to a full and fair settlement is in your medical records. Please tell every problem you have to every doctor you see at every visit. This will allow the doctor to properly document and treat your injuries. Further, what your doctor reports will influence the amount the insurance company will offer you.

Working With Insurance Companies

In the end, a case is worth what an insurance company will offer or what a jury will award. You and I must work to convey to the insurance company the magnitude of the injury and how it will affect you now and for the rest of your life.

Insurance companies often use complicated computer programs to determine the amounts they are willing to offer in a settlement. In presenting your claim to the insurance company, I will work to make the information package "friendly" to the computer's program so the company will make a reasonable offer. Further, I will build a case complete with testimony and narratives from you and those who know you about how the injuries have affected your way of life.

Obtaining Financial Compensation for Accident Injuries

Following an accident injury, you will be contacted by a claims adjuster who is trying to minimize his employer's liability. The adjuster may seem very friendly, but he or she is not on your side. The adjuster is trying to keep you from getting a lawyer's help. Before speaking with the adjuster, contact my Florida personal injury law office. With my experience, I can work on your behalf to obtain the financial compensation you will need for pain, suffering, loss, current and future medical bills and rehabilitation.