Whiplash Injuries

The neck and spine are among the most complex systems in the human body. When you are involved in a whiplash accident in which your neck and head are thrown violently backward and forward, you can experience a variety of symptoms.

I am William Schneikart, a Clearwater attorney representing whiplash victims. I have more than 35 years of experience representing people who are dealing with all types of injuries, including whiplash. My goal is to help my clients understand their rights regarding this type of case and how best to obtain compensation for injuries they have suffered.

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In many cases, the injuries can be far more serious than what most people think. I will not only help you understand your potential legal claim, but I can coordinate with your medical providers to assist in protecting your rights.

Many types of injuries and conditions can result from whiplash trauma, including:

  • Brain injury
  • Depression
  • Cranial nerve injury
  • Dizziness
  • Hormonal problems
  • Headaches
  • Jaw and ear problems
  • Neck pain
  • Low back pain

For a more detailed discussion of these issues, read "Injuries That Result From Whiplash Trauma."

Most importantly, you should never assume that any condition is not related to your accident, merely because it is unusual or develops days or even weeks later. Make sure to report all new symptoms to your doctor so that he or she can properly assess your injuries.

Clearwater/Largo Neck Injury Attorney

Technically speaking, "whiplash" is not a medical term. If you are involved in a rear-end collision and your neck snaps backward and forward during impact, a doctor may give you an official diagnosis of a cervical extension/flexion injury. In some cases, it is referred to as an acceleration/deceleration injury.

Most people do not understand the extreme forces that act on a person's neck in an accident — even a low-speed accident. Some factors can increase the likelihood of a serious permanent injury:

  • Women are at a higher risk because they tend to have longer, less muscular necks.
  • People with a pre-existing injury or some other type of spinal deterioration are at greater risk.
  • Being hit by a substantially larger vehicle than the injured person's vehicle may result in more spinal Injuries.
  • Drivers who are talking on cellphones, texting while driving, eating or distracted in some other way may cause more serious accidents because they are too distracted to slow down or stop.

Whatever the name, whiplash injuries can cause long-term damage. For you to obtain compensation that you are entitled to, work with an attorney who is familiar with these cases and who can guide you through the maze of medical and insurance problems.

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