Wrongful Death

The accidental death of a loved one is an overwhelming emotional experience, made worse if it was caused by the thoughtless actions of another. Family members, while still grieving the loss, often wonder whether there is anything they can do to seek justice for their loved one.

At the law firm of William Schneikart Personal Injury Lawyer, I can't change what happened, but I can help you obtain compensation and justice from those responsible for your loss.

Unsure if It Was Negligence? You Need an Attorney to Investigate.
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It is important to obtain an evaluation from an experienced lawyer, as negligence is a legal issue and may not be clear from the initial facts. Nothing can bring your loved one back or completely make up for your loss, but discussing your options with a lawyer is a good place to start. I can assist you in understanding the legal issues and whether you can move forward with a wrongful death claim.

More Than 35 Years of Experience Handling Wrongful Death Cases

In 35-plus years of legal practice, I have handled hundreds of personal injury and wrongful death claims. I have helped families obtain compensation for wrongful death caused by:

You Have Only Two Years to File a Wrongful Death Claim

Preserving evidence and protecting your right to recovery require early legal intervention. There is a short statute of limitations regarding the filing of a wrongful death claim: only two years. There are also specific limitations on the types of damages that may be recovered and by whom. Our firm will guide you in efficiently and effectively moving forward within this legal framework.

I understand insurance companies. For 10 years, I defended insurance companies from personal injury claims. In the process, I gained an in-depth understanding of how insurance companies think and defend against claims. As a result, I develop claims that prove fault and document losses. I work with investigators and accident scene witnesses to record the necessary evidence. Well-developed and strongly argued claims help family members collect damages for the loss of future wages, medical expenses occurring prior to death, funeral costs and loss of companionship.

Alternative Dispute Resolution — Court-Certified Mediator

In Florida, judges in civil lawsuits can require parties to try to resolve their matters outside of the courtroom through the use of alternative dispute resolution. For 16 years, I have been a mediator certified by the Supreme Court of Florida. I can guide you through the alternative dispute resolution process, but am always ready to take the insurance company to court if you do not obtain the financial compensation your case deserves.

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