Ten Worst Insurance Companies

The American Association of Justice has just listed the 10 worst insurance companies in America based on their claim denials, premium increases and refusing insurance to those who need it most. This list was heavily researched and included news reports and testimony from former agents and adjusters from the insurance companies themselves. To view the report in detail, please go to: http://www.justice.org.

The AAJ came to the conclusion about most insurance companies that:

1. They put profits over people and policyholders;

2. Companies continually deny, delay and defend;

3. Profits and salaries are sky rocketing at these companies. The average CEO salary of the Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America is almost 9 million dollars.


1. Allstate

2. Unum

3. AIG

4. State Farm

5. Conseco

6. WellPoint

7. Farmers

8. United Health

9. Torchmark

10. Liberty Mutual