Client Testimonials

What Clients Say About Attorney William Schneikart

Susan K., St. Petersburg, FL:

"During one of the worst times of my life, Bill Schneikart was there for me. He was always free to answer questions or just listen. He cared about me not just my case. Bill always gave me excellent advice, which is one reason why we got such good settlement. Bill is an excellent lawyer who really cares about his clients. I am grateful for everything he has done for me."

Helene F. Age 93, Clearwater, FL:

"I wish to thank Mr. Schneikart for all he did for me. I will always remember how patient he was with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Anita S., Seminole, FL:

"I was very impressed with the efficient and thorough way Mr. Schneikart handled things. If I should ever need a personal injury lawyer in the future, I would certainly call on him to help me."

Joseph C., Age 91, Clearwater, FL:

"I feel I was very fortunate when the Philadelphia lawyer referred me to you. Your time and effort were sincerely appreciated and the results were fine. Bill, once I got to know you, I felt like I was talking to a friend, and that is the impression you made on me. You can be assured that if anytime in the future I will be needing an attorney, it will be you."

Angela M., St. Petersburg, FL:

"Not only is Mr. Schneikart's litigation skill of the highest quality, so is his character-a rarity in the world today. I would highly recommend him to anyone!"

Susan H.H., Atlanta, Georgia:

"I am so relieved that Kathy's case has been settled. I do realize, from what she has told me that you are just waiting on the tax law to get resolved and I am hoping it will go in her favor. I just wanted to tell you that I think you have been absolutely wonderful through all this. It has been so difficult being so far away, but knowing you and your great staff have taken care of everything (and I do mean everything) has been a great relief to me and to our whole family. It isn't often you can meet someone, sign a contract with them, and know they are honest and will do their best for your child; well, I really did have that feeling with you and your staff, and I have been proven right.

Thanks, again, for not only being Kathy's friend, but for all your time, phone calls to her, and just listening to her problems. You really are one in a million (and that is not a pun), and we are all very grateful to you. Even though I haven't called you (and bugged you), I was on top of things, calling Kathy every few days, through these last, very upsetting two years, so I do know all you have done.

I hope we never have to use your services, again, but at least I would know who to call in Florida for help. Thank everyone in your office for me. Sincerely, Susan."

Charles D. R., Largo Florida:

"My wife was seriously injured in a vehicle rollover accident. Before we knew Mr. Schneikart, we were given the name of a different attorney to represent us for these injuries.

On follow-up visits that we made to his office, that attorney could not remember details of the case. After some communication with the insurance company, he recommended that we take the small settlement amount that was offered. Unhappy with the work he had done on the case and the recommendations he made, we contacted attorney William Schneikart, who took over our case. He went right to work to get fair compensation for the severe, lasting injuries that my wife suffered.

Bill drove halfway across the state to meet personally with the insurance representatives several times. He outlined the seriousness of my wife's injuries and their lifelong consequences for her. After much communication and perseverance on the part of Mr. Schneikart, the insurance company agreed to a much larger settlement. Bill's expertise as a litigator was outstanding, we would recommend him to anyone. Sincerely, Charles"

Jeanette V., North Redington Beach Florida.

"I was in a very bad car accident in November of 2005. I was referred to William Schneikart by a receptionist at my doctor's office. A few days after my accident, Bill came to my home for a consultation. That alone showed me: "here is an attorney that will be on my side and fight for my rights!" Upon the initial consultation, I felt the truly personalized service and knew I was in good caring hands.

Bill and his experienced staff are very thorough and caring. What impressed me the most was that when I would call to ask questions I would immediately be transferred to Bill or receive a prompt call back. I have had several unpleasant experiences with pompous attorneys, but William Schneikart is a true humanitarian and has shown me that you can have an attorney that truly cares! I highly recommend Bill Schneikart and refer him to everyone that needs an attorney that truly cares about the needs of its clients. Sincerely, Jeanette V."

Jackie T., St. Petersburg, Florida.

"I received a copy of the letter you sent to the claims supervisor today. I wanted to thank you for such a fine effort. I was so pleased with the substance and overall kindly tone of the way that it was written. I feel that my case couldn't have been communicated any better. I will be praying that it will result in a favorable outcome. I appreciate your continued faithfulness in trying to get this resolved for me. Sincerely, Jackie T."